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Ron's Fuel, Inc.

Proudly serving the North Quabbin region for over 30 years


Heating Oil Plus™

Ron's Fuel, Inc. sells premium #2 home heating oil that is formulated with a carefully balanced group of active ingredients that help avoid filter issues and strainer plugging. This home heating oil burns more efficiently than the standard home heating oil.  


This grade of diesel has been formulated to address compatibility concerns with today's ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and advanced engine technology. DieselOne® performance benefits include: advanced detergent, corrosion inhibitor, water management/dispersant, and lubricity improver.

DieselOne®  is available for delivery as well as at the pump located at our office - 575 South Street, Athol.


Kerosene is the most refined product that we offer. Because of its refining process, it has an approximate freezing point of -40 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great option for customers with outside tanks. 

Kerosene is available for delivery to Athol & Orange and at the pump located at our office - 575 South Street, Athol.

Off Road-Dyed Diesel

Off road-dyed diesel is reserved for vehicles and equipment that do not drive on public roadways. Since this fuel is used off-road, no road taxes are applied to the purchase of this diesel.

Smart Oil Gauge™

We are pleased to offer a new product that allows you to check your oil tank level on your smartphone at anytime. Introducing the Smart Oil Gauge™! This oil gauge uses an electronic sensor to measure the amount of oil you have in your tank and transmits this information over your homes Wi-Fi network. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Remote Monitoring: Check your tank from your phone – anytime, anywhere. Works with iOS and Android devices, as well as any laptop or PC.
  • Low-Level Alerts: Receive text and email alerts when the tank is getting low and it’s time to order oil.
  • Replaceable Batteries: Lithium batteries can last several years. Plus, the device will tell you when it’s time to replace them. 
  • Energy-Efficiency: Track your oil consumption to see how much fuel you save by lowering the thermostat a degree or two.  

It's important to note that you must have the following things for the Smart Oil Gauge™ to work: 

  • A Wi-Fi network that can connect to the gauge in the cellar. You can check this by walking down to your tank with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and opening the browser to see if you're connected. ​
  • A steel oil tank. Roth double-wall tanks are currently not supported. ​
  • A spare 2 inch opening on the top of your oil tank.   

The cost for each Smart Oil Gauge™ is $169.00 plus tax. These gauges can be installed by the homeowner with a pipe wrench and joint compound, or customers can call for a technician to do the installation. Please contact us to place your order!