575 South Street, Athol, MA 01331, US

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Ron's Fuel, Inc.

Proudly serving the North Quabbin region for over 30 years


Home heating oil, kerosene, on-road diesel, and off-road dyed diesel delivery

We currently deliver home heating oil to the towns of Athol, Erving, New Salem, Orange, Petersham, Phillipston, Royalston, Warwick and Wendell.

We currently deliver kerosene and diesels to the towns of Athol and Orange.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Please contact (978) 201-3529 or (978) 652-2328 for after hour emergency service. We're there for you, 24/7. 

Automatic deliveries

Upon your request, you can opt to be put on automatic deliveries. This is a great option for those who don't want to worry about checking their oil tank. In a busy world, it's one less thing for you to worry about. 

Fixed and Capped Prepay Plans & 10-Month Budget Plans

We offer these plans from the months of June through September. Find out more information about these plans here

Fuel Assistance welcome

Please contact the appropriate agency to see if you qualify.

New England Farm Workers' Council
Community Action

TANK-GUARD Tank Protection

We offer the TANK-GUARD tank protection program. In the event of a leaky tank, this annual program provides a warranty credit toward the replacement cost. For further information please go to tank-guard.com 

Delivery Schedule

Curious when we deliver to your neck of the woods?

Need Burner Service?

Burner Guys

Leo Berthiaume

(978) 249-4440

(978) 407-2664

Robillard Heating & Air Conditioning

Scott Robillard

(978) 821-4526



(Athol, New Salem, Orange, Petersham, Phillipston and Royalston Only)

J.W. Chiasson & Son

Joe Chiasson

(978) 249-4979

Random Burner Service

James Carbone

(978) 630-1430

Apply for Charge Account

Please fill out our credit application and email it to us at info@ronsfuelinc.com or return it to our office. Once a determination has been made we will notify you by mail.  

Credit Application (pdf)