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Price Protection & Budget Plans

Prepay Plan - Fixed price

This plan allows you to purchase your oil in advance to avoid any potential price spikes.

Prepay Plan - Capped price

This plan allows you to purchase your oil in advance, as well as a downside protection insurance so in the event of a decrease in price, you receive the lower price. 

Budget Plan - Capped price

This plan provides 10-equal monthly payments based on your seasonal consumption. Using your annual usage, we multiply your estimated gallons by the price per gallon at time of signing, and divide that by 10 to calculate your 10-monthly payments. With the addition of the required downside protection insurance, this plan allows you to receive the lower price in the event of a decrease in price. 


We offer these plans through the months of June, July, August and September.

Prices are set on the first day of the month and expire the last day of each month. You can choose to purchase your plan at any time during the month at the determined price, or you can opt to wait for the following months to see what the market will do. Whatever the price is on the day you sign your contract, will remain the price throughout your contract period.  

June Prices

Prepay - $2.60

Budget - $2.65

July Prices

Prepay - $2.60

Budget - $2.65

August Prices

Prepay - $2.60

Budget - $2.65

September Prices

Prepay - $2.60

Budget - $2.65

2019-20 Contract

Please complete the contract below and return it to our office with payment.